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About Jacob


Welcome to the about me section!

Now, I wanted to save you from the two page bio attached so you can get a real sense of who I am and what I stand for.

First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur. I have been one since I was 14 when I started selling sweets from my locker at school and then took it one step further and had my friends and other kids do it for me. That failed when the teachers found out and shut my whole sweet operation down.

At 16, I organised music events for people in my local town. I did really well with this, often taking thousands per night. The money got to my head and by the time I turned 18 I thought I was God’s gift to the business world. How wrong I was. The local council closed my events and I ended up loosing £3,500 which I had to pay back by working at all sorts of places from call centres to Mcdonald’s for £6 an hour.

Music Events


Jacob07By 19 I started The Lazy Camper, everything you need to camp at a festival in one pack. I really thought this one would make it. When I turned 21, I had employed six staff, received £300,000 investment, won awards off Sir Richard Branson and Prince Andrew – I was even crowned Yorkshire’s Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Guess what? I thought I was all that then too, I became externally successful but completely empty inside. The sales I promised the investor didn’t come in and now I was looking at a much bigger debt than my 18 year old self. This is where the story gets dark.

As much as I regret it, I must keep sharing this… in order to repay some of my debt I was arrested for selling drugs at a music festival in 2014. At the moment I was arrested, police raided my family home and I was thrown in to a holding cell – I knew something in my life needed to drastically change. I was on self-destruct mode and I had just pressed the big red button.

It is needless to say, my parents were devastated, two ex-police officers whose son has just completely gone against everything they stood for. Yet, they did not give up on me despite knowing I will probably end up going to prison. The 11 months on bail was the moment I found happiness in my life. I no longer felt I had the pressure of impressing anyone and I turned my business and personal life around completely.

It did not stop me going to jail though, on the 1st July 2015, the Judge sentenced me to 28 months.

Jail is a whole different world which I will talk about in my prison diary – If you want to know more about my time inside, seriously consider giving it a read.

Now I am released, I am honoured to have found a mentor and investor who has helped me create my own company supporting other companies who are looking to hire ex-offenders in to their team. What an awesome job right? The company is called Offploy and I will be sure to keep you updated on how my new start up goes if you follow any of my social links.

My big goal is to continue my professional speaking and share the message of the failures you make in life can always be repaired, they can also help define you and achieve the success you deserve.

So, if you are looking for a professional speaker who can share a light hearted story about failure and redemption for both business and personal development, book me for your next event.

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