Jacob Hill | Day 10
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Day 10

10 Jul Day 10

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Day 10

Friday 10th July 2015


I’ve been in this cell a week today! Party time!


It’s odd, already I have created a small routine. I begin the day doing 50 sit ups while the kettle boils, I then pour the water in to my porridge and as it is soaking I’ll make my top bunk to a hospital/military bed standard. It’s not expected or required of us, I just like improving from my previous attempt of the neatest folds. Steven is obviously a very clean fellow and our cell follows suit. I don’t want my bed to be the only messy thing I guess!


I’ve been made aware of the newspaper shit-storm that’s escalated since the original Yorkshire Post article. Daily Express, Daily Mirror and the front page of the Huddersfield Examiner. Fortunately, I can now live with that as it rarely affects my time in here, except for the savage paper which addressed my parent’s previous profession. This could prove damaging for me if I was perhaps someone of a weaker willed disposition. By the time I’m out it will all be forgotten about? However, right now, it is unfortunately very real for my friends and family who have to read (the probably more than fair) accounts in the newspapers but also the glory seekers, the trolls, the ill educated and over opinionated few on Facebook who make their derogative comments. It will be interesting to see how many of them will keep their mouths shut when I’m out. Will they go on posting negatively so publicly? That’s obvious not threatening talk from myself but the fact they know there wont be any confrontation or the fact I am not able to see it will stop them posting once I’m out. Keyboard warriors eh?


Due to the newspapers, I’ve also been informed that we’ve lost major contracts for The Lazy Camper and the business is probably no more. It is a bittersweet situation. I managed to turn the business around because being arrested shook me awake. We secured some great contracts and even had a large company interested in buying us. Throughout those 11 months on bail, I genuinely had the life I wanted before I was arrested in a completely legal way, except of course this terrible dark cloud of impending incarceration hanging over my head. Despite losing it all, I am more confident in my own abilities. I was able to rebuild this business once, I could either do it again or start another – I just have to believe that I am good enough.


In the courtyard today, I met a chap called Chris, he’s been sentenced to 16 weeks for ‘hitting the missus’. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, really sound, clearly likes his drugs but I often compare myself to those guys and their crime. I wonder, they’re violent, they hit, hurt and maim people. Is their offence really less damaging than mine? Is the public really more protected or protected proportionately with me behind bars for a longer period than them? I’m still not better, I just like to keep thinking and keep asking questions.


I will finally get my phone pin at some point today but in some form of sick trick, to keep making the process of calling my family so difficult, the phone credit has not been put on yet because of a delay. I enquired about it in the office as I ordered it about a week ago along with a non-smokers pack. I have asked for the £3 smokers pack to be cancelled and then added to my £7 credit. A non-smokers pack is a real luxury as you get orange juice and some biscuits but I would rather have more credit so I can call more people and stay on the phone for longer. It will soon be Sunday and I will have the opportunity to order some more bits and bats. Still on the £10 limit until I get enhanced status where I can spend £25.50 from my private spends. I get my job, my references and then my upgrade!


As I’m writing, we’ve got one of my favourite films on; ‘Batman, Dark Knight Rises’ “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask”. I’ve just had a vegan sausage and salad sandwich for lunch, I think it’s time for a nap!

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