Jacob Hill | Day 14
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Day 14

14 Jul Day 14

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Day 14

Tuesday 14th July 2015


I have finally met my offender supervisor, Rachel, who apologised for the delay in getting to me. They usually see inmates within 2-3 days of getting here. It’s been 13! She gave me my release date notification slip which says the number of days of my sentence is 854! That’s so many. Thankfully, that only reflects my license/the total sentence the judge passed. I will serve half of the total which is shown on my conditional release date of 29th August 2016. It gets better because my tag date is 17th April 2016 so at least I will be out (although still restricted). That’s what I’m aiming for. Shit, I’ve just realised that my license expires on the same day as my 25th birthday – wow that’s certainly something to look forward to.


Rachel told me that if she had been working a few days ago then I would have already been shipped out to Wealstun prison. This is a category C prison where low risk offenders go and since my crime is non-violent and not classed as major drugs trafficking, I have been assigned to go there. I’ve told her about my pending job and this may slow things down… if I’m lucky. I really don’t want to go. I am really comfortable where I am and Wealstun is just really unfamiliar. I feel like I am really getting into the zone here where I know the routine and have a really good friend in here. My plan is to get my green band which grants me total mobility within the prisoner areas and enhanced status so that when I eventually transfer, I will benefit from more rights and won’t have to start all over again.


Nicola from Catch 22 needs to get me that job today or tomorrow so I can be put on ‘hold’ which will keep me from being transferred. Now it’s just a waiting game where I hope the job comes before the transfer.


Later that day


This place is like a bloody yo-yo. Apparently, I do want to be going to Wealstun because it presents more opportunities to get to a category D prison and I can do more with my time there as opposed to here. Now the table has turned, I hope I am shipped out in a couple of days. Stand by for more information.

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