Jacob Hill | Day 15
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Day 15

15 Jul Day 15

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Day 15

Wednesday 15th July 2015


At 8am this morning, I was awoken to attend the mentoring workshop which was actually quite fun. I met with 10 or so lads who were also completing the same course as me and we all got on really well. We learned a bit about BELBIN’s assessment which is a business theory and not very exciting. I found it rather easy as I did it at G.C.S.E, A level and University. I had no idea that people in prison are receiving a similar education to what I had on the outside so it was nice and familiar for me to revisit it. Pamela gave me all the materials so I can complete the course in my cell in a week as opposed to 6 weeks of classes.


The second best thing that happened was being able to meet a staff member called Mark who is literally the guy who can make things happen in the prison. He came and told us that this prison receives more than 20 new inmates a day but through overworked staff, reluctant prisoners and administrative errors, only five people are being inducted daily despite having the capacity to do 30. This is one reason for overcrowding. My suggestion was to have one prisoner mentor with a green band, shadow Mark and collect weekly or even daily lists of prisoners who are still waiting to be inducted. It will then become the responsibility of the wing mentors to meet with the prisoners on their wing and convince/support them to go through the induction process and get them in to either work or education.


This is bloody awesome! Mark loved my idea and asked me to type the proposal which will now go to the board tomorrow. I’ve sold it as a 30-day revocable trial. If they go for this and it works, I will have added significant value to this prison and hopefully created a green band role for myself. I love solving problems so I am thrilled that I have been able to find a solution and contribute to making the prison better. However, my permanent role will not be running this operation. Oh no, it will be finding similar operations to increase the effectiveness of the prison – which will make the staff happy but more importantly, make the prisoners happy. After being stuck behind my door for almost two weeks and wasting so much time, I’m getting my motivation back, I can feel it.


I’m going to get my mentor course done in my cell now; it should be complete within a week. I don’t know if I want to go to Wealstun anymore. My offender supervisor Rachel is coming to see me today.


It was a good morning for Steven, he’s been put on Laundry – that’s good for me and my clothes too! He will be out of the cell most of the day now; the door may even be left open. Finally, some time alone! I can find some peace and quiet to reflect and absorb everything that has happened.


Here’s a copy of the proposal I sent


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