Jacob Hill | Day 6
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Day 6


06 Jul Day 6

No day 5. Read day 4 here.

Day 6

Monday 6th July 2015

Oh my goodness, today was incredibly boring and really challenged my patience.


The start of the day was alright. Prepare for laughter ….. I started working out. I did have the intention to get myself buffed up before coming to prison so I could protect myself but I ended up being too lazy to care about getting beaten up. Then Steven suggested this ‘card deck challenge’. You have to match the value of the card with the number of repetitions and the specific exercise depending on the suit.


Diamonds = Step ups

Spades = Squats

Clubs = Sit ups

Hearts = Press ups

…. Holy crap I am unfit! It was physically awful and I embarrassingly made it to 11 cards. Lets hope one day I make it to 52. I tried so hard not to appear to struggle and look weak in front of Steven but I think he got a kick out of seeing me struggle.


I was then given 30 minutes exercise yard time before one hour association time. For the first time I was bored and yet it was the first time out on the exercise yard since getting here. Looking out onto the yard it is nothing like your typical shawshank with a mud and gravel floor. It reminds me more of a kids playground on a run down estate with exercise equipment in the middle. I would never embarrass myself as much to go there; the lads circling the equipment in the same direction like vultures would smell my weakness and eat me alive. It’s better to just keep walking, dipping between crowds at a very slow pace talking to a few guys. Nothing like a bit of networking to work out who is who.


I need to be mentally challenged and I wasn’t finding that from the chap outside who was walking around the yard going on about all the steroids or the ‘juice’ as he would describe it. Finally, we came inside and I submitted a few more forms, had a shower and chatted to a group of guys for a bit.


Samosa and chips for lunch was alright but dinner was a bit disappointing and far too carby with five or six potatoes. However, on the way to dinner I bumped in to Phil, the guy in charge of jobs and he said part of my job would be in diversity support and something called ‘toe-by-toe’. Toe by toe is a prisoner who helps other prisoners learn to read after hours. He said I should start in about a week. I just have to last until next Monday. Sometimes time just feels like a wading sludge if I am not doing something or keeping myself busy. Every now and then I can’t believe I am in prison and then it just hits me like a train.


It’s the library visit tomorrow and gym and laundry on Thursday. I can borrow up to 12 books and that’s exciting which surprises me as I cannot remember the last time I picked up and read a book. I’m going to try and get ‘freakonomics’ – I love that book, Rich Dad/Poor Dad and then a couple of Spanish and Polish learning books. I may even find a book on how to shuffle cards. I’m that bored that we have decided not to watch the final fifteen minutes of Breaking Bad just so that we have something to look forward to.


The pigeons have not been back today; I’ve left some oats out so maybe they will return. I hope so.


I haven’t even mentioned the pigeons! Okay. Here goes. The most amazing thing happened yesterday. I had two unexpected visitors at my window which I have named Percy and Petula. Never thought they would stay but they did. I fed them some oats that I received from one of Stevens friends.


SIGHHHHHHHHHH only 41 weeks and 2 days left.

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