Jacob Hill | Day 7
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Day 7


07 Jul Day 7

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Day 7

Tuesday 7th July 2015


I want to be able to sum up this situation so below is my official statement of everything that has happened.


To publish after my official statement


My good friend Stuart has just posted under my door the Yorkshire Evening Post article as written by Tony Gardner.


I look at the photo and I see an idiot, a child. I see fear, disbelief and confusion in that boy. I have to keep reminding myself that was 11 months ago.


I promised from that moment to work every day away from that scared creature and make something positive of my life. This is why I pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. I don’t need to list out the last 11 months as some way of proving myself to others that I am no longer that person but instead take solace in the decent upstanding members of society who accept I made silly decisions; these are my family, my friends and certain colleagues. If it wasn’t for these people who produced the thirty-something character references, I would have probably believed I was beyond saving and beyond redemption.


My time here is my punishment for the crime. I knew long before coming to jail I would never let myself go so low again.

So now I have to focus on the future and make a positive impact whilst I am here.

I believe it was a completely fair decision by Recorder Ray Singh and the article was a clear and concise write up of the events.


I implore Ben Campbell, my barrister, he did a damn good job at mitigation and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Please direct any questions to Jacob@thelazycamper.co.uk and I will answer once they are sent to me.

**please note, this email is no longer in use but was current at the time of my writing**

My family will not be taking any questions at this time.


Thank you.


Writing has become my therapy and it has allowed me to accept my situation. Although I don’t even know if this statement is going to get published, I want to post it to share that I am not a monster and that I would not feel sorry for myself.


Later that day


I have just had my first library visit and walked out with four language books: two on Urdu, one on German and the final on improving Spanish. They probably won’t be as easy as using the Duo lingo app but they will at least offer me some form of growth whilst here.


I also grabbed the recommended book called ‘The Day of the Triffids’ by John Wyndham. It looks quite good and all this should keep me pretty occupied until next week when I start some work.


I also picked up a leaflet about a 2015 writing competition. I can write a 500 word comment or a 1000 word article in order to achieve 1st-3rd place prizes ranging from £75 to £200. The brief is ‘Can prison work?’ I suppose I will write about what I have seen here and whether I believe prison is right for everyone, and if it truly ‘protects the public’ and reforms offenders.

I am going for first place…



Percy and Petula (the pigeons) have come back – how cute!



Ok, now there are 4 pigeons. One is white. Should I be feeding them oats? Are they good for them?



I just met with Pamela. Stuart ensured she saw me. She is going to get me inducted in to education on Thursday then have me on the health and safety course on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The idea is to keep me busy with courses so I don’t get put in to an unskilled job and so when a space becomes available in her rehousing unit, I will be working with a range of prisoners ensuring they have suitable accommodation and opportunities upon leaving. She was a fifty-something, well-spoken and colourful lady. She knows how bored I must be through assumption. She will be a good friend to have in here.


As I read back – mind numbing day.

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