Jacob Hill | Get Day 1 of ‘Dear Emily’ before it is released on Friday!
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Get Day 1 of ‘Dear Emily’ before it is released on Friday!

29 Jun Get Day 1 of ‘Dear Emily’ before it is released on Friday!

This Friday (1st July 2016) I will be launching day 1 of my prison diary, ‘Dear Emily’.

File picture of Armley Prison in Leeds, West Yorkshire where Shahid Mahmood Aziz was killed after being put in a cell with monster Peter McCann.

The ominous gates to Armley prison.


I started writing from the first night I got inside as a way of dealing with the situation and making sense of the horrible place I was in. It wasn’t until my release 10 weeks ago that I looked at how much I wrote and realised it was over 490 pages documenting the best and worst of most days.

Reading through it was tough, it was like reliving the whole sentence again and now that my friends and I are editing it for spelling and grammar, it’s even tougher. Its like picking the scab all over again but then I think about how important it is that I share this message. By sharing it, I am giving myself permission to let it go, and hopefully it will touch just one person and help them through tough times.

The blog will be out Friday evening but I will be releasing day 1 the night before to all those who are subscribed below.

Here’s another excerpt that I think you might enjoy.

The First Night
Wednesday 1st July 2015

Brummy, the first night peer advisor, got me my plastic cutlery – its almost like camping I thought. We sat and chatted for a while.

He couldn’t understand why I was so calm compared to his first night. He even laughed and said ‘you won’t be so calm whilst getting bummed by your cell mate’. I put down the chicken leg I was munching on (not a bad first meal) then placed my plate of potato and veg on the side. I looked at him with a straight face as if to look worried, he cracked a smile and I had a good relieved laugh.


Dear Emily day 1 to 19 will be launched each day from Friday. Ensure you subscribe and follow my social media to keep updated.

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