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How to read Dear Emily

29 Jun How to read Dear Emily

Before you start reading the diary, I would like to share a couple of notes.

I am by no means an author or even a natural writer. When I type something, I often do it as if I was talking to you in a face to face conversation. So, if something doesn’t read right – take it with a pinch of salt.

I started writing this diary as a way of coping with prison. It was everything I wanted to tell Emily, my partner, and since there were no phones available, the only way I could tell her was through writing my entries.

Place yourself in the centre of this story. My diary is a very real account of your not so typical prisoner surviving inside. The battle is more about dealing with my thoughts and emotions than learning to make a knife out of Emily and Jacobrazor blades and toilet paper. Every time you read an excerpt, I don’t want you picturing me there. Instead, picture yourself.

Be warned, some days are painfully boring. I could have deleted these days but I want you to share in the monotony of the situation and get a real feel for how the same routine for nine months can affect a person.

Feel free to read it from day to day or pick up on a random day – whilst they do show the progressive journey I took, they’re also a fun read on their own.

Let me know what you think of the diary in comments, on social media and to my email – bookings@jacobhill.co.uk – Thank you for reading the diary, I am honoured anyone would take the time to read something that at the time was my lifeline.



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