Jacob Hill | This could possibly be the most intense two days of my life…
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This could possibly be the most intense two days of my life…

15 May This could possibly be the most intense two days of my life…

I’m awake and I have just realised I won’t be sleeping for potentially another 43 hours and here’s why…

After an investment pitch this afternoon and 70’s disco tonight I have organised a 12 hour lock in from 8pm until 8am in collaboration with a good friend and an amazing organisation within the University of Huddersfield. You can read more about what’s going on here.

The lock in will be streamed live through Periscope, ensure you download that and Follow this twitter.

However, it doesn’t stop there, from 10am (Saturday morning) I will be delivering a key note speech for the Collabhub symposium 2015 not after a workshop on public speaking at 2pm. I was hoping at this point my day would be over but the very chap who has helped me organised the lock in has decided to enter me in to a £2 buy-in poker tournament from 4pm until potentially 3am Sunday morning… so hopefully I will be out pretty quickly!

If you haven’t registered for Collabhub yet, its open to the public and you can do so here.

The reason behind all of this? The Collabhub Symposium is proof of what university students can actually achieve when paired with professionals and enthusiasts from outside the University’s walls. More of this needs to happen, not just within universities but within all levels of education to encourage the building of enterprise skills within students. I take my hat off to the Collabhub team and I am proud to be a part of it in my small way as an official fringe event organiser.

Also, I can’t wait to meet the community of people at all these different events getting involved throughout the next couple of days!

I will be tweeting throughout the upcoming 43 hours and using the Collabhub Hashtag #CH2015 . Help keep us motivated and wish us luck through @TheLazyJacob and @UniMediaMash

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