Jacob Hill | What happened when seven students stayed in a room for 12 hours in the name of business?
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What happened when seven students stayed in a room for 12 hours in the name of business?

18 May What happened when seven students stayed in a room for 12 hours in the name of business?

Pizza, Poker and PS3 were just three great perks to our student led twelve hour lock in.

From 8pm (Friday) until 8am (Saturday) myself and six other university students all collaborated to address each of our business’s problems and come up with and act on solutions for them. It was amazing how well it actually went.

The night started with a little awkwardness around where to start and what to do, but thankfully the term ‘lock-in’ was used very loosely so, to avoid affecting the decision making too much and because it was their birthday, I left to go to a friend’s 70s themed disco.

On the hour (9pm) the guys launched a periscope video doing the Macarena and updating what they had discussed so far. I was showing friends at the party and it certainly got a few laughs!


By the time I got back, the room was buzzing, ideas were flying about and some order had been laid to ensure we always had something to do.11301406_10155551386710284_1017665662_n


At 11, Michelle of www.theleaders-ship.com, helped each and every student work on their business pitch. I can tell you something…I thought I knew it all – how wrong I was. With Michelle’s help, we each turned a babbling pitch in to a concise relatable conversation.

By the time the clock hit midnight, we felt it only right to treat ourselves to some Pizza and a poker game. Chris and Michelle had to leave because they had commitments in the morning and this left Gemma,Pete, Abeey, Sam and myself. The Poker game was streamed live and stateside they were going mental. Sam won the pot (as usual) and wiped the table clean… Bravo.

After the food, everyone zoned in on their tasks and the atmosphere was amazing.. shit was getting done!

Then all of a sudden around 3.30am… BANG!!! …the sound of our enthusiasm hitting a wall was all too clear, I ended up napping on the floor and waking myself up snoring after ten minutes. We needed to do something perk us and quick! Sam and I decided to run 5K just to get the blood pumping. People from Texas, Ohio and New York joined us on periscope for the run to see the english scenery. Peter decided he would also view the periscope and started sarcastically replying to any of our comments, particularly where I was confiding in Sam about my ‘pulled groin’. This then became a talking point for when we finally returned.

By the time the run was done it was around 6am, and it suddenly hit me, I was going to run out of time! 12 hours to do some work and even then I almost ran out of time! Kettle on, coffee made and then it was time for the final countdown. (who else now has the song in their head?)

8am came and we were relieved, 12 hours had utterly destroyed us… but for Myself, Sam and Gemma – it wasn’t over! We still had the Collabhub Symposium to attend and speak at.


I can’t speak for the other two but throughout the day, I power napped wherever I could, under desks, on a piano and even, quite embarrassingly, on the loo! My first talk was at 10am and after two coffees I felt quite pumped for this. A few sleeps and some lunch later it was 2pm where I was hosting a workshop on ‘the art of public speaking’ I admit, after such little sleep it wasn’t my best performance but the participants in the room were absolutely amazing and made it a heck of a lot easier than it had to be.

I was meant to hit a poker tournament (this is clearly some form of addiction) at 5pm but as I am sure you guessed, I passed out pretty much after my talk!

Going forwards we may consider looking at shorter lock ins and at different times of day as it was definitely the team effort which kept people going.

All in all, it was a major success. We formed close friendships, completed a shed-load of tasks (both business and personal) and ultimately grew as individuals.

We would love to hold another Collabhub 12 hour lock in, If this is something you’re interested in, join the Collabhub group and check for updates 🙂

Phew, that was intense… I think I fancy another nap now!


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